WAGA serves an important role in building the capacity of its members by sharing information and conducting occasional research.

WAGA’s fact sheets, reports, presentations and research papers on climate change issues relevant to the WAGA councils and WAGA’s projects are designed to be of use to its members and external stakeholders. Recent documents can be downloaded here.

Fact sheets
WAGA-Fact-Sheet-Environmental-Upgrade-Agreements-2016-Update.pdf (152 downloads)

IPCC Fifth Assessment Synthesis Report (277 downloads)
WAGA Fact Sheet - IPCC Fifth Assessment (287 downloads)


One of WAGA’s roles is to conduct research related to its regional climate change work and of use to its member councils.

In 2014, WAGA undertook a literature survey of studies relating to community attitudes and perceptions to climate change in the region. In 2015-16, Sam Keast, A Master of Psychology student at Victoria University, undertook a placement with WAGA. His research builds on our understanding of how to engage the community on climate change. These documents can be downloaded below. Another related resource that Sam Keast has contributed to at his subsequent placement with the Australian Psychological Society is ‘The Climate Change Empowerment Handbook – Psychological strategies to tackle climate change’

Communities in the WAGA Region: Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Climate Change (298 downloads)
How Do We Talk About Climate Change - Report (199 downloads)
How Do We Talk About Climate Change - Presentation (191 downloads)

Students in RMIT University’s School of Global, Urban and Social Studies have also provided research for WAGA, as part of their assessment for the Bachelor of Environment and Society. Two  research reports can be downloaded here. Note that, while this research is valuable for WAGA’s projects, it is the students’ own work. WAGA provided guidance for the reports but is not responsible for their accuracy or the opinions of the students.

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