Climate Change Action

The scope of WAGA’s work is inferred by its vision, mission and four strategic directions: Partners and Collaboration, Knowledge Excellence, Advocacy and Organisational Sustainability. The work comprises the following action:

  • Projects, strategies and advocacy that directly and primarily address either mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions or adaptation to climate change impacts
  • A focus on community-based emissions and climate change issues at the regional level that complements WAGA councils’ work to reduce corporate emissions and address issues at the municipal level
  • Information-sharing and capacity-building for WAGA members to assist them in their climate change-related work.

WAGA’s main projects are:

Low Carbon West – A Strategy for the Transition to a Low Carbon Economy in the WAGA Region
WAGA Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan
‘How Well Are We Adapting?’
Urban Sustainability Atlas
Environmental Upgrades
Lighting the West (a subset of WAGA councils)

Western Water Cogeneration Plant

Western Water Cogeneration Plant