Advocacy is an important strategy for WAGA. Since 2012, both the Australian and Victorian Governments have overhauled climate change and energy policies and programs. Uncertainty remains about how, and to what extent, the federal government will or even can fulfil Australia’s commitments to reduce emissions. On the other hand, the state government has announced a zero net emissions target by 2050 and, over 2016 and 2017, is announcing further targets and renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate adaptation plans.

WAGA is committed to contributing to the national and state targets. The Alliance makes submissions to government enquiries and supports and contributes to other regional submissions and representations to state and federal Ministers in order to promote local governments’ interests in this regard. It also writes advice for its member councils in regard to their own advocacy actions.

Some of WAGA’s recent advocacy actions include:

WAGA-Directions-Paper-for-Adaptation-Plan-Response.pdf (118 downloads) WAGA-Victorian-Climate-Policy-Recommendations-and-Assistance-2016-06-01.docx (117 downloads) WAGA-Local-Government-Engagement-on-Victoria-s-Second-Climate-Change-Adaptation-WAGA-submission.docx (109 downloads) WAGA-Climate-Change-Act-Review-Submission.docx (163 downloads)

WAGA - Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy - Submission (281 downloads)
Climate Change Adaptation Memorandum of Understanding - Submission (271 downloads)
WAGA - Regional Coastal Plans - Submission (265 downloads)
WAGA Submission on the Green Paper for the Emissions Reduction Fund (267 downloads)
WAGA Submission - Draft Victorian Coastal Strategy (271 downloads)
WAGA Submission to Plan Melbourne (278 downloads)

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